ILPAN co-hosts webinar with African Union Law Network on 17 June 2021. Topic: Combatting corruption at the African Union level

Date: 17 June 2021
Time: 10 am-1:30 pm, BST

Perspectives on combatting corruption at the African Union level

As recent events relating to Covid contracts procurement globally have shown, corruption at the institutional level is not unique to Africa, its institutions and member States. However, recent findings of widespread institutional corruption by the audit of the African Commission initiated by the Executive Council, plays into the stereotype of high-level corruption in the continent. Similar allegations were levelled against the African Union’s (AU) African Peer Review Mechanism in 2020. These are causes of concern for stakeholders of the AU. Stemming corruption is a daunting task that requires ongoing attention. This joint webinar will look at ways of addressing the issue of corruption and transparency at the AU. The scope of coverage could also expand to the members States of the AU and relevant international institutions.

Opening and Introduction| Dr Eki Omorogbe and Dr Femi Amao

Session 1: Chair | Dr Eki Omorogbe

Session 1A |AU Law and Policy against Corruption: Professor Hajer Gueldich, Professor of International Law at the University of Carthage- Tunisia/ Elected member and General Rapporteur of the African Union Commission on International Law (AUCIL)

Session 1B | Commend and Condemn: Combating Corruption in Africa, Professor Dan Kuwali, Extraordinary Professor of International Law at the Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria, Adjunct Professor of Strategic Studies and Executive Director, Centre for Strategic Studies, Malawi University of Science and Technology and Fellow, Centre for Human Rights, Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Session 2: Chair | Dr Adaeze Okoye

Session 2A | Financial Crimes-Human Trafficking and Illegal Trade in Wildlife: Professor ME Olivier, Dar Al-Hekma University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Session 2B | Corruption in the land sector at AU member state level: Professor Robert Home, Emeritus Professor in Land Management, Anglia Ruskin University

Session 3: Chair |Prof Robert Home

Session 3A | Corruption under The Covid-19 Era in Nigeria and South Africa – A Call for Legal Reform: Juliet A. Aimienrovbiye, Mrs, Department of Private and Property Law, Faculty of Law, University of Benin and Dr Samson Erhaze, Ministry of Justice, Benin City

Session 3B | Dr Cristiano D’Orsi: “Merit” and “Corruption” in the African Higher Education System: Legal and Policy Reflections and Beyond, Dr Cristiano d’Orsi, Senior Research Fellow and Lecturer at the South African Research Chair in International Law (SARCIL), Faculty of Law, University of Johannesburg

Session 3C |Combatting Corruption in Nigeria: Law, Dualism, and the Case for an Alternative Approach: Dr John-Mark Iyi, African Centre for Transnational Criminal Justice, Faculty of Law, University of the Western Cape Cape Town, South Africa

Closing and Thanks: Dr Eki Omorogbe and Dr Femi Amao

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